Explaining complex things to others is a great way to make sure I really understand a subject, so why not share it here for others to learn as well? I tend to write about subjects in physics with related Python code as well, sometimes because I am learning new subjects, other times for revisiting something I did long ago to make sure I remember it.

A bit about me: I have a M.Sc. in physics and nanotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark, where I did a bunch of lab work related to material physics, which included a lot of electron microscopy and data analysis in Python and Matlab. I continued as a Ph.D. candidate at DTU for a while, but recently decided it was not for me and am currently looking for new opportunities.

This site is made with Jekyll and hosted with GitLab Pages using git to keep track of my changes. I just write my thoughts in a Markdown file and Jekyll takes care of making it into a nice looking webpage.

I hope you enjoy reading, and feel free to contact me with questions and comments on the posts. You can also find me on GitLab.